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How To Keep Your Wheeled Chairs From Rolling
Rolling desk chairs always find a way to slip out from underneath us, which can be uncomfortable and annoying when working long hours at home or in the office. Whether your floors are tilted or just too slippery — or maybe the wheels are too big with the wrong caster — follow these tips to keep your chair safe and secure!
Add Casters
Most wheels already come with swiveling brackets called casters to keep the chair still, but they can often be the wrong size. Check your chair’s caster and replace it if necessary, and try to find ones with brakes that can be locked and released with your feet.
Add A Rug
Adding a rug to your space can also keep your chair from rolling excessively while adding some style to your office. Your chair will still be able to roll, but be sure to place a carpet pad under your rug to keep it from moving with your chair.
Yoga Mat
Yoga mats are also an option if you want an easy, affordable fix, as they are made to grip onto smooth surfaces. However, your chair can dent the mat and eventually create an uneven, uncomfortable surface.
Under Desk Foot Rest
Using an under-desk foot rest provides leverage for your feet to keep your chair from sliding and gives you something to help you pull yourself back. These also provide a lot of support for your back and knees, keeping you comfortable during the work day.