A hose on artificial grass
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How To
Know When
It’s Time To Replace Your Artificial Grass
Improper artificial grass installation can cause areas to wear prematurely, get damaged by water, or become dangerous, which may indicate it’s time for
a replacement.
If the subsoil wasn’t correctly compacted and leveled, it may have caused low areas that collect water or wear unevenly, requiring it to be fixed and replaced.
If seams were not properly secured when installed, they might have started to curl, which is a tripping hazard. You may be able
to glue, tape, or sew it depending on the condition.
Fading or discoloration shouldn’t be easily noticeable, even if your yard is exposed to heavy sunlight and shade. Newer turf is more fade-resistant than older materials.
If you have pets, you may have staining from urine and feces, which should be replaced with newer, high-quality material that rinses off easily and doesn’t absorb liquids.
With proper installation, a high-quality roll of turf from a reputable manufacturer will resist wear in normal circumstances, be protected from UV rays, and be stain resistant.