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How To Know When To Start Mowing Your Lawn This Spring
When spring rolls around, the question of when to start mowing comes along with it. There's no blanket answer — it hinges on how fast your grass grows and the weather.
In cooler climates, you're aiming for a grass height of about 2 to 2 ½ inches after cutting. This means starting your mowing when the grass is about 3 to 3 ¾ inches tall.
Before you start mowing this spring, make sure your grass isn't wet or frozen. Mowing it while it's in these conditions can mess up your mower and lead to uneven cuts and clumping.
When it comes to that first mow, resist the urge to go too short. Giving your grass a bit more height early in spring helps roots grow deeper and keeps your lawn healthier.
As the weeks go by, adjust the mowing height based on the type of grass. Types like Bermudagrass can be cut very short, but cooler-weather grass should stay at least 2 inches tall.
After you've given your lawn its first trim of the season, stick to a regular mowing schedule. Once summer starts, mow twice a week, especially if the weather is really dry.