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How To Level Up Your Gardening Game With Old Scrap Wood
To speed up the process of repotting dozens of seedlings, simply carve some wood into the shape of a 2-inch pot to make a perfect indentation in a 4-inch pot to fit the seedling.
Shared by Epic Gardening on TikTok, this hack is based on a tool called a dibbler or dibber dating back to ancient Rome, used by farmers the world over to make repotting easier.
Once you’ve carved the wood into the angled shape of a 2-inch pot, fill the 4-inch pot with soil and press the tool into it to make a hole to fit the seedling from the 2-inch pot.
Then, carefully remove your seedling from its 2-inch pot with the soil still attached to its roots, and push it easily into the hole you just made in the soil in the 4-inch pot.
Aside from wood, you can use any material of similar shape and size to a 2-inch pot, like the wooden handle of a shovel — it’s not crucial to get the shape perfect for it to work.