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How To Level Up Your Laundry Game Using A Safety Pin
For an innovative approach to tackling the persistent issue of static cling in laundry, adding a safety pin to wool dryer balls has emerged as a simple yet effective solution.
While dryer balls alone help minimize static, attaching a safety pin to each ball before running the cycle ensures that your clothes emerge from the dryer smooth and cling-free.
This technique shines with materials less prone to static, such as pure cotton, but it might not deliver the same flawless results for static magnets like polyester
and nylon.
Overloading the dryer may reduce the effectiveness of this method. Also, while bouncing during the cycle, the pins may produce noise and cause minor scratches on the dryer drum.
Therefore, it's recommended to use this hack when the background noise won't cause a disturbance and to opt for larger loads to minimize the pins' direct impact on the drum.