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How To Lighten Up Your Home With Interior Whitewashing
If you want to brighten up your space, the best solution is to paint your walls a lighter hue to reflect more light, making the room appear open and airy. However, not only walls can be whitewashed, but wood and furniture can produce the same effect as well.
Whitewashing wood will give it a rustic and vintage feel, and all you have to do is mix powdered lime, table salt, and water to the consistency of your liking. Apply the mixture with a paintbrush and watch as the wood lightens, or you can also use water-based whitewashing paint to achieve the same bright look.
You can whitewash brick with either paint, a lime wash, or a mortar wash that will brighten up a space while protecting against pests, moisture, and weathering. If you’re painting, start by using water pressure to clean the bricks and wait for them to dry thoroughly, then apply a primer, and paint using an airless sprayer so it distributes evenly.