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How To Make A Too-Firm Mattress Softer For A Cozier Night’s Sleep
Walk Across It
Walking back and forth over your mattress for a few minutes daily can make it softer. Turn it into a fun activity by inviting the whole family to help.
Every time you step on the mattress, you’ll put your weight down on it. This will help soften any high-density foams within its construction.
Mattress Topper
Mattress toppers are often made from memory foam, down, gel, or other cushiony materials that contour to your body for a more cradling effect than a firm mattress.
Toppers made from cotton, wool, and fiber will offer a plush feel. Avoid latex toppers, which can make a bed feel bouncier and firmer, rather than plush.
Warmer Bedroom
A room’s temperature can cause a memory foam mattress’ softness to fluctuate. It will feel firmer when it’s cold and less firm when it’s hot.
If your memory foam mattress feels too firm and leaves you stiff in the morning, try warming up the room or adding thick duvets or blankets to the setup.
A Different Bed Frame
Solid slats can make a mattress feel firmer since they don’t bend or flex when a person lies down on them. Consider trying a base with sprung slats.
Instead of being flat and rigid, sprung slats are curved and offer flexibility. When a person sleeps on a mattress on top of them, they’ll give some and soften the bed.
Flip The Mattress
If you’ve been sleeping in the same spot for a while, the foam may have become compacted. Rotate it to sleep on a different part to improve your comfort.
Some mattresses offer two different firmness levels, one on each side. If you’ve been sleeping on the firmer side, flip the mattress to bring the softer surface up to the top.