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How To Make The Most Of A Small Shower
Without storage space, natural light, and room for a separate shower and tub, your bathroom can feel claustrophobic and small, especially if your shower is shoved away in the corner. These compact showers can feel suffocating, but there are some ways to help organize it and make the most of your space.
A shower caddy is great to optimize storage in your shower, and you can find one that hangs on your shower head or over your door. You can also add shelves using tension rods, suction cups, or permanent adhesive material on the wall or corner of your shower.
Sometimes the best thing to do is remodel your bathroom; use glass doors and large vertical tiles to open up your shower and make it feel less cramped. Find the perfect spot for your shower, away from any cramped corners, and add natural light — skylights above your shower or windows are a great addition to any bathroom.