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How To Make Your Bed At Home Feel Like A Five-Star Hotel
High-Quality Mattress
Invest in a high-quality mattress that's both comfortable and supportive — mattresses with a firmness level between five to eight will be identical to those of hotels. Hybrid mattresses are a popular choice for hotels because they provide satisfaction for every type of sleeper, and if you want to be extra comfortable, add a topper.
To feel like you're sleeping at a hotel, your sheets need to have a high threat count with good quality material, like cotton, as low-quality threads can wear out quicker and lose their softness. Five-star hotels use cotton percale sheets with a thread count of 500.
White Linens
Hotels typically use white linens on their beds as the stark white color brings a sense of cleanliness and brightness to the room. White linens are a great neutral color for a bold room, and they're very easy to decorate with pillows and blankets.
Comforter & Duvet
Down comforters keep you warm and cozy at night with excellent insulation, and they are gentle on the skin, allowing it to breathe. Down comforters are often covered with a duvet to keep them clean, and many hotels use either a down polyester or down filling with a 100% cotton cover.
Five-star hotels use at least 4 different pillows on their beds, including a hypoallergenic pillow, a heavenly bed pillow, a plush pillow, and a miracle sleeper pillow. When determining which pillows are right for you, take into account your preferred firmness and sleeping position.