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How To Make Your Kitchen Appliances Last The Longest
Kitchen appliances are supposed to last up to 10 years, maybe 20, if properly taken care of. These are a few tips to make your kitchen appliances last as long as possible.
Refrigerators are very expensive, so to avoid paying for a new appliance, start by pulling the fridge away from the wall so the condensers can pull in more cool air to help keep the active components operating properly. Read the owner’s manual to learn how to maintain the appliance, such as cleaning the gaskets, changing the filter, and condenser coils.
Your stove and oven are big kitchen appliances, so make sure they last long by cleaning the burners, stove top, oven racks, drip pans, and oven door gaskets. Read the owner’s manual and have a technician inspect your electronic appliances annually to ensure they’re working properly.