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With Wood
Floor Colors
While many people focus on furniture and decorations when designing a new room, it is the colors and tones of your walls and flooring that will ultimately determine the mood of the space, for better or for worse. We have some tips to help you avoid a color disaster.
One key thing to be aware of when picking out paint colors is the undertone. Colors either have a warm or cool undertone, and it is important to note those tones in your paint and floor color. Warm undertones will have hints of red, orange, or yellow; cool tones will appear slightly blue or purple.
If you're looking to create a dynamic space, try using contrasting undertones, like a light, warm floor with a cool, dark paint color on the wall. You want to avoid pairing dark floors with dark walls, which can make your room feel dreary and small, so if you have dark floors, make sure your walls are at least three shades lighter.