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How To Neatly Organize Your Hats With A Dollar Tree Paper Towel Holder
Instead of digging through your heap of baseball hats every time you need one, use a Dollar Tree paper towel holder to keep them tidy and visible so you can grab the one you want.
To create a budget hat rack that can display several of your hats at once, you’ll need a Dollar Tree paper towel holder, screws, and some R-type cable clips or a big Command hook.
Slip the cable clips around the holder's base and screw them into the closet wall, or attach a Command hook to the wall and hang the holder base on it. Then, slide your hats on.
To stop your hats from falling off the end, thread a hat with a Velcro or snapback strap through the end of the holder to act as a stopper, or clip on a clothespin or chip clip.
This hack works best with hats with detachable back straps, but for other hats, slide some shower curtain rings onto the holder and hang your hats on them from their back straps.