Pantry chock full of items in glass containers on shelves
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How To Organize Your Pantry Like HGTV's Emily Henderson
When organizing your pantry, HGTV’s Emily Henderson recommends designating certain areas for different types of storage, such as open storage, closed storage, and drawers.
Open storage like shelving is great for large items and items you need easy access to or frequently grab. You can organize open storage space with bins and baskets.
Closed storage like a cabinet is ideal for items that shouldn't get too much light exposure, such as tea and bread, and for unsightly looking items, such as cleaning supplies.
When it comes to optimizing the space in deep cabinets, Henderson recommends several pull-out drawers to use up all the vertical space and gain easy access to your items.
Henderson also says to place frequently used items closer to the entry of your pantry and to ensure that everything has its own section, such as pet stuff, snacks, and drinks.
Then, you can organize those spaces to look aesthetically pleasing. Henderson moves her items from their original boxes into decanted clear containers to create a soothing look.