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How To Organize Your
Refrigerator With IKEA's Viral
Rotating Shelf
It may seem inevitable that your fridge will get disorganized and messy, but TikTok users are praising this viral IKEA product as the ultimate solution to fridge storage issues.
IKEA’s SNURRAD storage turntable has become a viral TikTok hack because it allows people to get whatever they need from the depths of their fridge without shoving things around.
This rotating shelf has a bottom that stays stable thanks to suction cups, a swiveling top can rotate 360 degrees, and high edges that keep food from slipping off.
Fans are raving about the tray’s design, which isn’t circular but features two straight sides. Moreover, the tray can easily be removed for cleaning or moving.
For the best functionality, keep smaller items on the turntable while leaving off heavier items. Given its popularity, the item sells out regularly, so make sure to snag yours.