Surprisingly, folding towels are important as they contribute to the look of your home and keep you organized. If you have a small linen closet, there are certain ways to fold towels to maximize your space, and a nicely folded towel can make others feel like honored guests in your home — so the next time you fold towels, try to make a towel pocket.
To begin, lay your rectangle towel vertically, pick up the bottom two corners of the short edge and fold about two-thirds of the way up. Repeat this step so there are two folds, then flip the towel over so it's facing the floor, fold first the right then the left side of the towel over one another, tuck them into each other as if it were a box, and flip it back over to put in your washcloth.
Another decorative towel folding method is the rolled towel, and to achieve this, lay it out on a flat surface, take one corner and fold it into the center, then fold the towel in half to create a skinny rectangle, flip it over, and roll the towel towards the cornered end. There is also the narrow method which folds your towel into a very small rectangle.