Living room with a brown couch, pillows, and framed wall pictures
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How To Pick The Best Couch Colors For Your Space
Gray For A Relaxing Neutral
A gray couch has a calming color that adds to the peaceful feeling of being home, and it’s a great choice for a soft neutral tone that’ll tie all of the colors in a room together.
Gray couches have versatility because most hues complement them. The gray also blends well with wooden flooring, light or dark tile, and most classic carpet colors, like beige.
Blush Pink For A Whimsical Touch
A blush pink couch can be a fun statement piece to add a touch of playfulness to a home. Many colors work well with blush pink, so the color has notably become a new neutral tone.
Blush pink pairs well with wooden floors and cream pillows. With its subtle punch of color, it offsets spaces with strong dark carpets and walls, creating a soft oasis in the room.
Mixed Colors: Stripes, Florals, Houndstooth
Floral couches add a feminine, romantic touch to a living room. They’re great in spaces with lots of natural light, as the flowers create a beautiful interplay of light and shadow.
Houndstooth and pinstripes work well in formal spaces. Houndstooth adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to a room, while pinstripes create a sense of structure and order.
Beige As A Staple Color
Beige couches have a warm and inviting color that creates a cozy atmosphere in a room. You can easily pair fun accent pieces with beige couches without clashing colors or designs.
The light hue of beige couches brightens rooms and makes rooms feel spacious. Beige couches also hide stains better than white couches, allowing you to be more lax while relaxing.
Go Bold With Emerald Green
An emerald green couch adds glamour and sophistication to a living room. With its vibrant jewel tone, which comes in distinctive fabrics, it demands attention and exudes luxury.
An emerald green couch has the ability to create a sense of drama in a room, as this color is inherently attention-grabbing; however it will also make it playful, bold, and lavish.