Calathea orbifolia plant in pot, Tropical plant isolated on white background
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How To Prevent Dry, Crispy Edges On Your Calathea Plant Leaves
Hailing mainly from the tropics of Brazil, calatheas need high humidity and well-draining, slightly moist soil to thrive. The absence of these conditions may lead to crispy edges.
Tropical rainforests, native to calatheas, have regular rainstorms, providing them with reliable moisture. To replicate this habitat at home, never let the soil dry out completely.
Use a moisture meter to determine the pot's moisture level. If the top half of the soil in the pot is dry, soak the plant and dump out any overflow water from the tray beneath it.
Water the calatheas every one to two weeks per the amount of sun exposure and the season, with more frequent waterings in the summer or if the plant's near bright windows.
If the plant is still brown and crispy on the edges, consider repotting in well-draining, loamy soil instead.
Calatheas naturally grow under the shade of much taller plants in bright, indirect light, so place them by east or south-facing windows with a sheer curtain to filter the sun.
A west-facing window will provide strong, afternoon light and can damage the sensitive leaves, causing burns or fading in the leaves.
Calatheas prefer high humidity of around 80% but can survive with as low as 60%. Anything lower than that will result in brown, crispy leaves.
Use a humidity meter to test your room's humidity. If it's on the dryer side, consider purchasing a small plant humidifier to add moisture to the air near your plants.
You can also raise the humidity in the room by placing them near one another. Plants naturally release water into the air creating a more humid environment.
Tropical rainforests are also quite warm. So, use a thermometer to ensure that the room temperature for your calatheas is at 65 to 85 degrees F to avoid brown, crispy leaves.
You should also beware of cold drafts while opening the windows in the fall or spring, as even a crisp wind can chill a plant and kill its leaves.