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How To Properly Cure Vegetables To Ensure Good Storage
Curing refers to methods for preparing vegetables for long-term storage, and in the case of potatoes, it takes about 14 days, during which time their skin will grow thicker.
Cure potatoes at a high humidity at a temperature between 45 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Then store in a box with ventilation holes
in a cool, dark location
for several months.
While mild onions like Vidalias should be eaten fresh, pungent, globe onions like red onions are suitable for curing and can last for
up to a year once cured.
Lay the onions in a warm area for a few weeks, flipping them every few days so they dry evenly. When the outer layer of skin is snug, store them in a mesh bag in a cool, dark spot.
For long-term storage, softneck garlic varieties are best. When almost half the leaves on your garlic plants turn yellow, it’s time to harvest.
Place them in a warm, shady, well-ventilated spot for two weeks then store them in a ventilated bag. At room temp, they’ll last a few months, and longer at cooler temps.