Vibrant pink dahlia flower in full bloom
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How To Properly Deadhead Dahlias
Deadheading dahlias, a practice that entails removing dead flowers before they go to seed, is essential for prolonging the plant's flowering phase from summer through winter.
This simple process comprises two steps. First, you need to identify the spent flowers, which are the dead flowers that have shed all their petals.
These spent flowers may resemble new buds, but the key to differentiating them is that new dahlia buds are round and sphere-shaped, while spent flowers look more like cones.
The second step is cutting the spent flowers. Use pruning or kitchen scissors and cut where the dead flower's branch meets the main stem, rather than directly under the flower.
This method allows the plant to focus its energy on generating a new stem and bud. It's recommended to repeat this process every few days during the dahlia's blooming season.