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How To Properly Discard Bacon Fat And Save Your Pipes
Bacon fat should always be discarded with care, because the solidified mass can quickly gum your plumbing and may even require an expensive call out to a plumber to fix. Fortunately, it's a fairly simple task to properly take care of any leftover bacon fat.
Solid fat from cooked bacon or any other animal product is incredibly easy to manipulate. If you've cooked bacon in a pan, leaving the pan to rest until it returns to room temperature will give you the opportunity to simply scrape the solidified fat off of your cooking equipment.
Transfer the hot fat to a container, the same way you would if you wanted to throw it away, but instead store it in the fridge for later use. This will give you a bacon-flavored cooking fat (and alternative to expensive oil) that's perfect for roasted vegetables, baked goods, and even as a spread for making grilled cheese sandwiches or other similar concoctions.