A stack of old television sets
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How To Properly Get Rid Of An Old TV In Your Home
It's crucial to dispose of old TVs responsibly due to the environmental implications and the value of their components. Before discarding, first check if the TV still functions.
If it does but seems outdated, think about donating it to places like charities, nursing homes, or community centers. Such donations can potentially be written off on your taxes.
Alternatively, if the TV is more up-to-date, you can sell it on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and eBay, or even conduct a local garage sale to avoid hefty shipping fees.
When looking to recycle, research local e-waste recycling centers. If the center isn't nearby, consider collecting all your recyclable electronics to make the
trip worthwhile.
Best Buy also accepts old electronics for recycling, even if you didn't purchase these items from them, and charges a nominal fee for TVs and computer monitors.
Lastly, reaching out to the TV manufacturer can also be a wise move, as many companies might accept their products back for recycling and repurposing.