Kitchen with tall kitchen cabinet, countertop, island, and hardwood floor
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How To Properly Install Countertops Next To Tall Kitchen Cabinets
For DIYers embarking on kitchen renovations, aligning countertops with tall cabinets is crucial, not just for functionality but also for an aesthetically pleasing look.
Ensure the cabinet sticks further into the kitchen than the countertop does so the cabinet side acts like a wall, and your counter shouldn’t stick out past the edge of that wall.
Tall kitchen cabinets are 12 or 24 inches deep, while most countertops are 25 ½ inches deep. Use spacers or lumber to fill the gap, and bring the cabinet flush with your counter.
The edge of your tall cabinet should line up exactly with your countertop overhang, though many homeowners opt to have the cabinet stick out by 1 inch or more for aesthetic value.
DIYers should pay attention to details and consider hiring professionals if inexperienced. Precision is important to avoid costly mistakes and achieve the desired outcome.