Large blooming Christmas cactus
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How To Properly Repot Your Christmas Cactus (So It Keeps Thriving)
Despite its name, the Christmas cactus is a tropical plant that prefers humidity and moist soil. Keep it happy after its seasonal winter bloom by properly repotting it.
You'll need to wait until the blooms on your plant drop before repotting it, often around late January to February. Some may bloom into March, so wait until the last flower falls.
Get a new planter that's 1 to 2 inches larger than your plant's current pot. Getting a pot that's too large will cause the extra soil to hold onto water, leading to root rot.
It's recommended that you use a planter made from terracotta or unglazed ceramic. The clay will allow the air to flow around the roots and help dry out the soil.
The type of potting mix used is also crucial as the Christmas cactus prefers moist, but not soaking wet, soil. Use a commercial cactus potting mix or one that allows for aeration.
To avoid transplant shock, repot your Christmas cactus when it has finished blooming. Pull the plant out of the old pot and massage the ball of roots to remove the old soil.
Fill the new planter a third of the way with soil and place the cactus in the middle, adding potting mix around the sides and leaving half an inch of space from the top of the pot.
Lastly, give the Christmas cactus a moderate amount of water and place it in a shady area to prevent shock. Return to regular care after a few days.