Red rose bush
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How To Properly Water Your Rose Bushes
Water your roses in a way that reaches deep into their roots. For established plants, soak the soil to 18 inches deep (until water pools around the plant) once or twice a week.
Rose bushes in their first year must be thoroughly watered at least two to three times a week. A rule is to water when the flowers start drooping or the soil becomes dry.
Water requirement depends on weather conditions and soil type. Roses in direct sun or windy areas will need to be watered more than those experiencing rain.
No matter your watering method, always water the soil instead of the flowers or foliage. This can weigh the plant down and promote fungal growth if the leaves remain wet overnight.
Water your roses gently with a watering can rather than a hose, as high pressure can cause soil erosion. Avoid watering in small amounts daily to prevent shallow roots.
Always water your roses early in the morning before the sun is shining overhead to give them enough time to absorb water before it evaporates.