Baby Box Elder bugs on green plants.
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How To Protect Your Vegetable Garden From Pests Using Mesh Bags
Fighting to protect your garden from pests can feel like an unending battle; however, one TikTok dollar store hack can keep these nuisances at bay with just a mesh laundry bag.
In the viral video, TikTok user @aussienation uses large mesh drawstring laundry bags as a barrier between the plant and the cabbage moths that were causing damage to their plants.
They placed a tomato cage over their plant, slid the mesh laundry bag over the cage, then tightened the drawstring around their container.
This process allowed @aussienation to still water their plant while preventing moths from laying their eggs on the leaves, helping prevent worms from destroying their cabbage.
This trick is ideal for plants that don’t already have pest damage, however, it can still work; just remove all existing pests and eggs on the plant before putting the mesh bag.