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How To Recreate Kate Hudson's Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Color At Home
The most current home design obsession experts are scrambling to try is Kate Hudson's cabinets. Their hue is reminiscent of a gorgeous powdery sage.
Dusty or powder greens will breathe a rustic and natural vibe into a room while still giving you space to play with bolder shades or stick to minimalistic ideals.
If you use the color in your kitchen, the space automatically becomes more inviting and turns into a spot where family and friends can spend time hanging out and conversing.
Many shades fit into Kate Hudson's "dusty" green category. Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green is a close match to Hudson's and will create the same warm, welcoming ambiance.
This color allows you to play with new décor ideas without worrying about your cabinets going out of style, as the color is timeless and can go with many new trends.
To make your kitchen really pop, combine Kate Hudson's preferred color (or similar shades) with brass or brushed chrome fixtures on the cabinets and drawers.
You can also branch into other powdery colors that stick to a neutral undertone palette, like dusty blues or a purple that isn't too bold.