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How To Remove A Broken Screw With Tools You Already Have At Home
Home DIY projects can be super fun and cost-effective, but one of the difficulties that can easily stop a project mid-flow is a broken or stripped screw.
Fortunately, you can easily remove a broken screw with common household tools like a pair of pliers. A firm grip and counterclockwise twist should do
the trick.
For screws that are only slightly sticking out, try a pair of needle nose pliers as the smaller surface area may allow for a better grip on the screw.
Another method that works well for broken screws, whether they are flush with the surface or not, requires a flathead screwdriver and
a hammer.
Make an indent in the center of the screw by gently tapping the hammer against the end of the flathead screwdriver into the surface of the screw.
Once an indent is deep enough to provide resistance, rotate the screwdriver counterclockwise to release the screw.
If the head of the screw has been stripped, place a band or a strip of tape over the surface of the stripped screw.
Next, use a screwdriver to twist the band or tape into the stripped screw head. Then turn counterclockwise and the traction from the band or tape should remove the screw.