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How To Remove Cherry Stains From Furniture
Our furniture endures so much everyday wear-and-tear, and the worst feeling is seeing a stain and knowing this means the death of the beloved family couch. However, before throwing away that stained cushion, try this easy trick to remove them.
As summer rolls in, cherries are a delicious treat to enjoy in the heat, but they also bring bright red cherry stains that can easily ruin your furniture. Try to eliminate the stain as soon as it happens by first scraping off all the pieces that may have fallen, then flip the fabric inside out and rinse with cold water.
For tough stains, dab a bit of lemon or vinegar on the areas and rinse. Once most of the stain has gone, rub the area with detergent and wash; if the stain persists, add more lemon or vinegar, leave for 15-20 minutes, and rewash.