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How To Remove Light Fixtures Like A Pro When Painting Any Ceiling
To easily remove a light fixture from a ceiling to paint around it, detach it from the mounting plate, hang it on a strong wire, and wrap it up in plastic.
To start, turn the lights off in the room where you’ll be painting, then go to your circuit breaker box. Flip off the switch that controls the power to the room you’re painting in.
With the power off at the circuit breaker, climb a step ladder or tall step stool and remove the light bulbs and decorative light covers.
Most light fixtures have a cover that protects the wiring, which should have a few screws on the edges that attach it to the mounting bracket. Remove them and slide the cover off.
Look for a hole in the ceiling where the fixture attaches to the wiring and circuit box. If you can reach the entire ceiling to paint, no need to remove the fixture any more.
If the fixture is still blocking part of the ceiling, run a support wire through a hole in the mounting bracket. Remove it from the bracket and hang it on the wire.
After you pull the light fixture, cover it with plastic, like a garbage bag. You can use some masking tape around the top of the plastic to secure it.
Once the paint is dry, remove the plastic and reattach the light fixture to the mounting box or circuit box. Reinsert the bulbs before turning the power back on.