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How To Replicate Martha Stewart's Functional Closet System
If you don't have a walk-in closet, Martha Stewart shared in a YouTube video that putting two closet units together will create an L-shape to mimic the look and feel of a walk-in.
This way, everything that you own will always be visible to you, which will help you maintain an overall organized closet space.
For organization, Stewart also recommends storing out-of-season clothing in clear, labeled storage boxes that can be put out of the way.
In her YouTube video, Stewart says that "you can create dedicated sections for clothing rods, shelves, drawers, and more to really make your space work for you."
Don't forget to label your storage boxes, even if they're clear. That way, you can stack categories of clothes together to make seasonal swaps a quick and easy process.
For items like t-shirts, Stewart recommends folding them in thirds and arranging them so each color and design can be clearly seen at a glance.
Finally, for heeled shoes, Stewart uses a specially designed rack with a bar, so the heels stay in place when the rack is moved. Otherwise, clear boxes should do the trick.