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How To Repot A Cactus Without Getting Hurt
You can identify when your cactus is ready for a new home if it is leaning and lopsided, or its soil is depleted, or its roots are snaking out of the bottom drainage holes.
Be sure to have tongs, newspaper, and towels available, along with a new pot that’s a few inches larger than the previous one. The wrong size will hinder the plant’s growth.
Terracotta pots are best since they are porous and give excellent ventilation. After buying aerated soil, add in sand or perlite to give it a coarse and well-draining texture.
After adding a few inches of soil mix to the bottom of the new pot, wrap your towels around the cactus. Using gloved hands or tongs, gently take hold of the plant's base.
Wiggle the pot down and away from the roots and remove any excess dirt sticking to the plant. Then, take a few moments to inspect that the roots are firm and healthy.
Place your cactus in its new pot and fill the rest of the area with soil. Ensure the cactus is supported but the soil isn’t compacted to where the roots will struggle to breathe.
Once the plant is snug and settled, water it well and let the soil completely dry out before repeating. Avoid fertilizer for the next month, then use one with low nitrogen content.