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How To Repurpose A Closet Into
Home Office
Install A Desk
The first thing you need to do to create a closet office — or "cloffice" — is to remove all of the contents from the closet and install a desk. You can DIY or buy this piece, but just be sure to double and triple-check measurements before buying, and don’t forget a functional desk chair.
Add Vertical Storage
With your desk surface area so limited, you are going to need all of the built-in storage you can get. Vertical storage shelves can easily help you get materials off of your desk, but be sure to switch up the type of shelving around the office to avoid visual fatigue and boredom.
Something To Look At
One of the main complaints of cubicle workers is the visual monotony of their offices, so the last thing you want to do is turn your office into a characterless cubicle. Be sure to include some pops of color, a mirror, or objects that spark joy to keep your space inspiring.