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How To Repurpose A Closet Into DIY Extra Bookshelves
The Base And Frame
Once you've cleaned out your closet, checked your measurements, and gotten all of the materials you may need, it's time to build the base of your bookcase and add framing. This can be tricky, as you have to figure out how to fit the closet's dimensions to the back and sides of your base.
Backing and Shelving
From there, you'll start attaching your back material, which can be fabricated shiplap, beadboard, drywall, or something else. You can transform your back material with the addition of paint, decals, and peel and stick wallpaper, and after that, you can start adding in your shelves.
Finishing Touches
Finally, you can start adding personalization and touches up to your new built-in bookcase, likely including trim and a baseboard. After nailing the trim in place, you can start caulking the seams and shelves to give them that built-in look, and soon you’ll be ready to add books and display them proudly.