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How To Reuse Apple Peels To Help Your Garden
A medium-sized apple has 193 milligrams of potassium and about 10 milligrams of calcium, nutrients your garden needs to thrive.
Using apple peels as an eco-friendly and money-saving garden fertilizer can encourage flower growth and boost fruit production.
One of the best ways to use apple peels as fertilizer is to turn them into tea. When poured onto the plants, the nutrients released into
the tea water will be immediately absorbed.
Cut peels into small pieces to make the tea and put them in a container with a lid. Add 250 milliliters of water per apple, cover, but don’t close completely
as it will ferment.
Place the jar in a shady spot and after three to five days, strain the peels out of the solution and throw them into your compost to continue reusing them.
The liquid fertilizer tea will be very potent, so dilute it with a one-to-
one water ratio before pouring it directly into the soil around your plants.
Instead of brewing, you can add the chopped peels directly into the soil, but they will need to decompose for a few weeks to a few months for the nutrients to release.