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How To Revamp A Tired IKEA TARVA Dresser Into A Gorgeous Piece
In a four-part video series, TikTok user @hovelsweethovel demonstrates how to transform an IKEA Tarva dresser into an eye-catching focal point with a few simple enhancements.
You'll need sanding sheets, dark walnut Varathane wood stain, white paint, white Brewster paintable wallpaper, a drawer panel kit by O'verlays, and gold T-knobs from Home Depot.
First, pull out the drawers, remove the knobs, sand the dresser and drawers, wipe off the dust, and stain them with your wood finish. The stain can take up to 48 hours to dry.
Coat the drawer faces with white paint, and when dry, cut the wallpaper to size and apply it to the drawer faces. Sand the O'verlays panels and coat them in white paint.
Once dry, install the panels onto the drawer faces, and carefully attach the new knobs without damaging the wallpaper. Move the dresser into place, and enjoy your new décor piece.
To be extra chic, try different knobs, add organizers, line the bottom of each drawer with decorative paper, create a gallery wall, or swap the trim for a distinct design.