A wire plugged into an electrical outlet.
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How To Safely Install An Electrical Floor Outlet (And Why You Should)
Hidden floor outlets are highly convenient. You can walk on them without worrying about falling, and even mop vinyl or hardwood directly over the top of their covers.
For this DIY, purchase a kit to install a poke-through floor outlet. It should include the electrical box, outlet, cover, and hardware while you supply the wiring and the tools.
If you don’t have much experience with wiring, you can do the installation work for the outlet yourself and hire a professional to actually hook up the wiring for safety purposes.
Once you've selected the location, you can begin by cutting a hole in the floor. Then, drill a pilot hole, and use a hole saw with a diameter that matches the box size.
Next, run the wiring from the circuit box to the location of the in-floor outlet. You can also tie into an existing electrical outlet that is close to the new outlet.
Finally, connect the wiring to the box, drop it into the hole, and mount it in place before attaching the cover plate for your new outlet.