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How To Safely Remove A Cabinet’s Center Piece For Extra Storage
Removing the center stile from cabinets to increase storage is easy as long as it's only attached to the cabinet facing, since stiles attached to shelves provide nominal support.
If it's attached to the cabinet facing, remove any screws holding it in place. Detach it in a clean line with a flush-cut saw that's level with the cabinet space's interior edges.
If there's some gouging evident on the surface left behind, use a wood filler from Home Depot that can then be sanded down with the rest of the area to make it completely smooth.
Once that's done, you’ll want to address the gap between the two cabinet doors where they used to close against the stile. This can easily be fixed using the center stile itself.
Face the stile outward and reuse the screws to attach it to the inside of one of the cabinet doors. Close that door first so the other shuts on top of the stile and closes the gap.