A hornets' nest in the roof eaves of a house
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How To Safely Remove A Hornets’ Nest From Your Lawn
Hornets can be very dangerous in your yard, so take immediate action when you find a nest, which can be found in a secluded corner or even underground and hold up to 1,000 hornets.
If you notice a higher presence of hornets in your yard, track down the nest. Wait until sundown; put on protective gear like long sleeves, gloves, and goggles; and use wasp spray.
Don’t knock down the nest immediately after saturating it because the poison needs time to take full effect. Wait several hours or a full day before assessing the nest’s condition.
If there is still activity, spray the nest again. When all the hornets are incapacitated, use a shaft to bring the nest down into a bag and remove it from your property.