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How To Salvage Water-Damaged Photos With Items You Already Own
First, remove the damaged photos from the scene, separating them from each other if they're stuck, and avoid touching their front. Next, place them in the
tub or sink for rinsing.
Holding the photos by their edges, gently rinse them in a bowl of clean water or under the flowing water in the sink or a tub to stop photos from bleeding.
For photos stuck in frames, rinse both in gentle flowing water until the pressure separates the photo from the glass.
Then lay them all out on clear, white paper towels and gently blot them with the same paper towels until they dry. Let them air dry in a cool area without dust.
If the colors aren't running, place a heavy, clean book on top to prevent the photos from curling as they dry. If you can't do
all this at the time of the damage, use a freezer.
Take the photos out quickly, place them in between wax paper sheets, store them in a zip-lock bag, and place
in the freezer until ready. Defrost and continue
the drying process.