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How To Select The Right Lampshade For Your Lamp
Your lampshade can add character and life to your room while your lamp brightens your space, but picking a lampshade can be an overwhelming choice if you don’t know what you’re looking for. First, you’ll want to consider the size, then the material and color to find the perfect complement to your lamp.
When considering size, aim for a lampshade that is ⅓ to ½ the height of the lamp’s base and 1 inch wider than the widest point, so it does not look top-heavy and still covers all the hardware. For more light, choose a muted, translucent material, but for a more ambient vibe, a darker shade can be a bold statement piece.
There are many different types of lampshades to choose from — the classic empire shape has a wide cone and larger bottom, the basin looks like an upside-down bowl, the elegant bell shade has curved edges, and the drum shade is a long cylinder with even sides. For a more modern look, try a rectangle or square shade to really stand out.