Bird's nest in tree
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How To Spot The Difference Between A Bird's Nest And Squirrel's Nest
Squirrels are known for building multiple nests or "dreys" for their acrobatic escapades and food storage. In fact, they often take over a woodpecker's or rook's forsaken den.
A tree's height helps keep squirrels and their kits safe from prey during mating season while also giving them a good vantage point and a safer place to eat nuts and fruits.
Squirrels mass together twigs, bark, moss, and leaves into an eight-inch-wide, ring-shaped drey with more mass and weight than a bird's nest but lacking its softness.
Their nests are high but not avian-level high, sitting at about 20 feet (or 30 feet if it's a gray squirrel) for better weight support and protection from natural elements.