Photo taken in Krasnoyarsk, Russia
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How To
Spring Clean
Your Home
Though it may seem tedious, dusting furniture and wiping down windows should be a top cleaning priority in your home. Dusting can be made simple by buying furniture spray and window cleaner at a local store and using a duster or cleaning wipes that won't scatter dust around.
Mop And Vacuum
When it comes to rug and carpet cleaning, vacuuming or steam cleaning is the best way to ensure cleanliness. For hard floor surfaces, vacuum first and mop later, taking the opportunity to open a window and let a spring breeze come through and help air dry mopped floors.
If you have a leaky faucet, deactivate the water, disable faucet handles, and detach valves, then look for a damaged cartridge or broken washers. Meanwhile, liquid dish soap is a quick, easy fix for a toilet that clogs often.
Spring is the perfect time to paint the exterior of a home, since it's usually not too humid and hot outside, and the sunshine gives you more motivation to paint. Inside, you can never go wrong with pasting floral wallpaper onto your bedroom walls, mixing and matching fun, distinctive colors.
Medicine Cabinet
Over-the-counter and prescription medicines that are expired or no longer needed should be disposed of properly. Check for local take-back programs, or, if that’s not plausible, throw pills away in Ziploc bags, or flush them down the toilet to help protect pets and children.