Nutsedge growing amid regular grass
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How To Stop Your Lawn's Nutsedge Infestation In Its Tracks
Nutsedge is a deceptive, fast-growing lawn weed that seamlessly blends in with regular grass, making its early detection and subsequent removal quite challenging.
This weed sports taller blades than its grassy neighbors, boasts a denser texture, and can exhibit a range of colors from bright green to shades of yellow or even red-purple.
If caught early in small amounts, you can manually pull out the weed, targeting its root system and tubers. For larger infestations, chemical intervention is often required.
While natural herbicides are usually ineffective against nutsedge, those infused with halosulfuron, dichlobenil, glyphosate, or sulfosulfuron have shown promising results.
To prevent future infestations, ensure good water drainage in your lawn to deter the moisture-loving nutsedge and overseed to limit space for unwanted weeds to take root.