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How To Style Your Curtains With A Hair Straightener
Curtains can look a little wavy, messy, and uneven when you spread them out to cover the windows. You can remedy this and give your curtains a neat look with a hair straightener.
TikTok user @bysophialee suggests using a flat iron to give your curtains a custom look. It works on any kind of curtain fabric and gives them a more elegant appearance.
Once the curtains are hung, fold them in sections starting from one end and making your way to the opposite side. Then, run the hair straightener over the folds to create creases.
Start from the top to the bottom using light pressure on the hair straightener. You can iron all the folds you made at once or in sections to get a clean, crisp pleat.
In a serious pinch, you can also use your hair straightener to iron clothes and other items around your house, such as tea towels or fabric table mats.