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How To Successfully Use A Pool Noodle To Make A Portable Potty
Being stuck in a storm shelter can spell trouble if you don't have a bathroom plan. You can solve this problem with a large bucket, a standard pool noodle, and some trash bags.
This bucket potty can be used almost anywhere and is relatively portable, especially if you store the noodle, trash bags, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper inside the bucket.
First, measure the length of the pool noodle needed by bending it around the bucket rim. Then, slice the pool noodle along one side, wrapping the sliced edge around the rim.
Finally, insert the tall kitchen trash bag. While some models put the plastic bag under the pool noodle seat, placing the bag over it will keep the seat from getting nasty.
The pool noodle makes the rim of the bucket more comfortable and keeps the plastic bag from slipping. The bucket is quite stable and comfortable on both concrete and forest floor.