Red hibiscus plant in bloom
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How To Take Care Of Your Tropical Hibiscus Plant During Winter
In most climates, you'll need to bring tropical hibiscus flowers inside for the winter, but if that’s not possible, you still have a couple of other options available to you.
To ensure that the hibiscus plant survives the winter, treat it like a houseplant. As preparation for its indoor living, plan to start two or three weeks early.
Wash it with water twice a week to remove pests. For the last wash, use a horticultural oil and cover all its surfaces to reduce the chances of getting pests that thrive indoors.
Keep your hibiscus where it will get some sunlight, such as in a window. Fertilize it during the winter season; otherwise, it can fall into deep dormancy.
If you live where the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you can leave it outside to go dormant for the winter, or force the plant into dormancy and store it that way.
Another option is to simply take some cuttings from the tropical plant and put them in water for the winter. Roots will eventually sprout, after which you can pot the cuttings.