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How To Take Out Your Laminate Flooring In 3 Simple Steps
Prepare The Floor
Wearing protective equipment, start by mopping your floors with hot water to melt the glue and make them easier to pry off — the glue might harden again so you may need to do this multiple times. Remove any skirting boards or transition strips with a pry bar.
Remove The Boards
Using a pry bar, remove the board closest to the wall and then gently peel them off one by one. Protect yourself with gloves and safety glasses during this process, and while floating floors will easily come off, you’ll have to pull glued floors to break the bond of the glue.
Scrape Off Residue
Glued-down floors will leave a residue that can be removed using a heat gun, floor scraper, or glue-removing solution. If your subfloors are made out of wood, use an orbital sander to smooth them, and if they are concrete, use a reciprocating saw with a floor scraper attached and rinse the floor with clean water.