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How To Tell If Wide Plank Flooring Is Ideal For Your Home
There are countless floor options out there, like porcelain, marble, vinyl, hardwood, or carpeting that can be crafted into different shapes and patterns to achieve any look you want. It’s important to consider your room’s dimensions because certain floor types, specifically wide plank flooring, can end up looking funky if installed in the wrong room.
Using too wide of a plank will overwhelm a small room, so floor planks should be under 8 inches wide with a light-colored stain to make the room appear bigger. In a large room, you can be flexible and focus on other design elements like using different-sized planks for an interesting textured look.
On the plus side, using wide planks adds value to your home and looks good in many aesthetics, especially in rustic homes. However, this type of flooring is expensive due to lack of availability, difficult to work with as it tends to warp, and shouldn’t be used in humid or constantly changing temperatures.