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How To Thoroughly Clean Your Oven With One Bathroom Staple
Cleaning your oven may
often feel like a tedious
task; however, the trusty toothbrush can make cleaning the kitchen appliance a smoother process.
Toothbrushes are ideal for scrubbing the oven grates as they have bristles strong enough to remove all the grease and grime but gentle enough that they won't damage the enamel.
To try out this cleaning hack, use a firm toothbrush. The aim is to reach into nooks and crannies and scrub out dirt with those bristles, so they need to be strong.
You can use a popular household brand of oven cleaner or a natural oven-cleaning paste made from bicarbonate of soda mixed with water and white vinegar for this hack.
To prep your oven for cleaning, apply your cleaning product to the inside of the oven and the individual grates the night before and leave to soak.
For scrubbing, have a small dish containing the cleaning product to dip your toothbrush in. Scrub to loosen the dirt and then brush it out of the corners with sweeping motions.
Use your toothbrush to scrub up and down the oven grates on the inside walls of the oven and the removable tray before wiping the appliance clean with a wet cloth or sponge.