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How To Transform Your Plain IKEA Vase Into High-End Looking Decor
To give your Räffelbjörk vase from IKEA more of a high-end look, you’ll need paint, baking soda, and a little less than an hour of your time.
Wipe down your vase to remove any dust and debris. To protect your counter while you paint, lay down a piece of cardboard or foil.
In a container, combine your preferred paint color with a ¼ cup of baking soda for every cup of paint you use. The baking soda is what provides the textured look.
Paint all sides, the rim of the vase, and inside the opening. To enhance the textile effect, dap the wet paint with a crumpled paper towel, and let your creation dry.
Feel free to fill your new textured vase with flowers, greenery, or feathers to fit your aesthetic, or leave it empty for easier styling.